Hey there. It has been a ridiculously long time since I actually wrote anything and I do apologize for those of you who actively follow my blog. Honestly I've just been too busy to post anything due to my summer job and photography gigs - I've basically been working all summer, weekday and weekend, apart from my one week holiday in July. And in order to not reach a burnout I've just forced myself not to worry about it. "I'll keep blogging as long as it feels alright," I've always told myself. Well, lately it has just started to feel like a burden. And when I don't enjoy it, I doubt I'll be able to provide you guys with any enjoyable content. So in case you didn't already guess, I hereby write this post to announce that I'm quitting the blog world in order to focus on the things that matter the most to me. I'm firmly of the belief that it's impossible to do many things well and that one should always focus on one or a few things at a time. So it seems only natural to quit. I will however still be active on my Instagram account, in fact, increasingly so as I will be posting all my content on there from now on. Blogging started as a fun hobby that ended up getting me into photography. This has been such an exciting process and I'm so glad to have documented it in this blog. I'll leave my blog public as it is and keep it as a memory. Thanks for your support during all these years, I'm glad to have been able to provide you with interesting content. And who knows, maybe I'll see you here again sometime in the future. But for now, goodbye and take care!



On The Edge -collection by Olesya Serchenko

Photographer: Sara Lehtomaa
Model: Kirsi @ Brand
Makeup: Melinna Savela
Clothes: Olesya Serchenko



Shirt - H&M,  Jeans - Zara,  Shoes - Zara,  Bag - Zara

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Photographer: Sara Lehtomaa
Models: Mirka, Tutta & Reetta @ Modelpoint
Makeup: Meliina Savela
Graphic Design: Sara Lehtomaa

I've decided to call this series of photos "Un/Real" as it pretty much sums up what I was thinking when I first had the idea. Now, I don't feel that art should necessarily always be explained as in the ideal case it should be able to speak for itself. But I want to share with you what I had in mind when I decided to shoot this. The concept is a rather wide one and this is just my interpretation of it; the blurry line between reality and imagination. Essentially what I want to say is that whatever seems real to you, whatever you see with your souls eye, is in a sense real. Since reality is experienced through the mind it shouldn't make any difference whether your experience is rooted in the material universe or not; the experience still remains. All too often people label reality with the concrete, as if the immaterial world of the mind wasn't part of that reality, undermining its importance. If anything it's even more important because it is located inside of each one of us controlling how we live our lives and fulfill ourselves in the material world. A very mind-boggling idea reduced into a fairly simple series of images.

       This project was initiated as long as a couple of months ago but due to having a ton of other stuff to concern myself with I never had the time to edit the photos. Until now. My holiday from uni officially started two weeks ago and now I've had more time on my hands to spend on photography. I really wan't to thank the people involved in this personal project of mine; Meliina, Mirka, Reetta and Tutta, you are the best! I'm also currently having a small one week holiday from work and I'm super excited about it! I've planned a bunch of goodness for this short period of time, including a three-day-trip to Helsinki (which I already did) to meet up with some of my friends and after that another three-day-trip to Stockholm to get together with my family there and to explore my home city. I'm praying we'll be blessed with good weather, which I so seldom get to enjoy of due to work. Somehow it always seems that my free days are doomed with rain and dark skies.



Playsuit - Zara,   Denim Jacket - Vintage,  Sandals - DinSko,  Necklace - Indiska 

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Blouse - Zara,  Denim Jumpsuit - Monki,  Shoes - Dr.Martens,  Sunnies - ZeroUV*,  Bag - Zara

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Photographer: Sara Lehtomaa
Model: Kirsi / Brand
Makeup: Meliina Savela

Hey you! I thought I'd just briefly say a couple of words first about these photos and then about what's been going on in my life lately. So, this wasn't actually a planned shoot but a very spontaneous one that we ended up doing right after another photoshoot. We had first been shooting Alissa Narayana's fashion collection "On the Edge," and due to that going so ridiculously smoothly and us finishing early Meliina had this idea to try out some makeup looks for her portfolio. I'm glad she did because I don't have too many beauty shots in my portfolio at the moment. So big thanks to Meliina for that! And many thanks to Kirsi as well, she's probably the main reason the photoshoot went so well. It's always an honor to work with people who know their shit and are as excited about the project as I am.

       And as to what I've been doing lately, I'm almost done with school for the summer, which is a comforting thought. I only have one essay left to write. And today I started working at this little photography shop / studio. I'm super excited, there's no doubt about that, but at the same time I envy my friends who won't be working this summer. Especially now that the weather has been so darn good. It's ridiculous. I hope it'll start raining soon. That'd be awesome. Furthermore, I need to start working on my mental calculation skills. I suck really bad at it. And I think I'm gonna go to bed now, before I pass out in front of this computer because I'm exhausted.



As you may or may not have noticed I've been back in Finland for about a couple of weeks now, without having posted anything from my trip to Munich, I am ashamed to admit. Well, now I'll supply you with a generous amount of photos to make up for it. The majority of photos that I took during my stay are of architectural sights, which is quite evident from what I'm showing you here. Before arriving I wasn't aware that Munich has preserved so many beautiful old buildings. It's really too bad Finland hasn't done the same, I truly hate the grayness and monotonous boxiness of modern Finnish architecture - it's awfully depressing. Besides wonderful buildings all around the city we were lucky enough to enjoy of superb weather. We spent a lot of time walking around the city visiting different attractions, such as the Nymphenburg Palace and Olympiapark (both depicted in the photos above).

       It was super nice to spend some time with Pilvi and Bharathi, seeing as we don't see each other that often. We had some pretty awesome throwback moments listening to old songs (Justin Timberlake and The Black Eeyed Peas ftw) and, of course, also did some catching up. Pilvi did a great job showing us the city (despite of one failure of a night when we ended up just kind of walking around town without any final destination because we weren't patient enough to queue for many hours - something you apparently can't avoid in big cities). Overall I liked the city very much, in spite of not knowing the language and being a big fan of drinking water (which in Germany is frustratingly expensive).

       I'll probably be putting together a short video of this trip later on. That will probably give you guys a better idea of what the city was like. But I still have some uncompleted school work left to finish as well as a heap of photos to edit, which I'll have to prioritize, so I'll probably have time to work on the video in June at the earliest. Until then I'll do my best to keep you updated. There are so many things that I want to do during the summer and I'd love to share my experiences with you guys as well. I'm just feeling really optimistic at the moment, which is actually quite typical for me at this time of the year. It's so peculiar how the weather can have such a remarkable effect on one's mood.